Focusing on Patients First with Ivanti

For world-class care and operational excellence, families go to Akron Children’s Hospital. In 2016, the hospital garnered 1 million patient visits, being ranked among the best children’s hospitals by US News & World Report. With two hospital campuses and 60-plus primary, specialty, and urgent-care locations throughout Northeast Ohio, the children’s hospital I.S. Service Desk supports clinical systems used by more than 5,500 clinicians and staff. 

Industry: Healthcare

Employees: 5500



Ivanti Neurons for ITSM
Ivanti’s IT service management software modernises service delivery for IT and beyond. As a complete cloud-optimised ITSM solution, your organisation is capable of automating workflows, eliminating costly manual processes while making your business more efficient, compliant, and secure. As the solution was scaled for the some 5,000 clinicians/staff at Akron Children’s, Ivanti Service Manager can easily adapt to meet your specific business purposes.
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Mismanaged ITSM impacts patient care, not just IT

Without Ivanti’s help manageing the hospital’s tech services, it’s not just IT that suffers. Potentially, and especially with the dramatic number of patient visits at Akron Children’s, mismanaged IT tickets could directly impact the health of patients. Without the proper support, clinical apps and technical equipment may malfunction, leaving employees without the means to care for patients and patients without proper care. “ITSM impacts patient care. If we can’t get tickets out to the teams that support clinical apps and equipment, it could impact the patients,” says Ronda Wicks, I.S. Service Desk, Operations, and Telecommunications Manager at Akron Children’s. 

Benefits to Akron Children's Hospital

Enhanced Incident, Change, Problem, and Knowledge Management

With Service Manager, incidents, changes, problems, and knowledge is managed to support clinical systems. Most specifically, knowledge management has been particularly helpful for Akron Children’s with faster onboarding, where new Service Desk staff can get up to speed faster and easier than ever. Employee turnover is no longer a problem and clinicians are never negatively impacted.

First-Call Resolution Increases

Service is the name of the game for every organisation’s IT department, and Akron Children’s is no exception. Using Service Manager, their first-call resolutions have risen—with clinicians’ needs met more frequently on the first time around and patients’ health secured as a result.
“With Service Manager, it’s become a lot easier to meet our service levels,” says I.S. Service Desk, Operations, and Telecommunications Manager, Ronda Wicks. 

Ease of Use and Access

With the ability to conveniently use and access Service Manager from any device with a web browser, Ronda Wicks says it accurately: “Service Manager is easier to use all around...We love it.” 

Automated Change Control

The hospital’s I.S. team also improved Change Control from a manual process to an automated approach with Service Manager. The automated change control manages, tracks, and optimises changes to servers and other IT assets, allowing them to better understand a problem’s source and take quick, corrective action. 

Role-based Dashboards

Helpful for the Service Desk and other I.S. teams within Akron Children’s Hospital, the dashboards within Service Manager gives staff a single view of operational metrics. And specialised to each member, the I.S. team can personally see if they’re meeting their goals for clinician and patient support. That’s a win, win, win for everyone involved.

Accomplishing a first-call resolution rate rise from 75% to 82%

In the future, Akron’s Clinical Engineering team is also interested in using Service Manager to handle break/fixes for hospital medical devices. The Infrastructure Security team is also working to integrate Service Manager with the Human Resources’ implementation of an ERP application for user-provisioning processes. 
Ultimately, Ronda Wicks says, “Ivanti Service Manager is helping us to move much farther in our journey.”