Windows 10 Migration in Hours, Not Months for CyFair ISD

Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District in Harris County, Texas is the largest Recognised School District in the state. Covering 186 square miles, the district levies local taxes and uses the funds to operate 54 elementary schools, 18 middle schools, 12 high schools, and four special programme facilities, serving a total student population of more than 100,000. Founded in 1939, Cypress Fairbanks employs more than 12,000 people, including more than 6,500 faculty members.

Industry: Education

Employees: 12000



Unified Endpoint Manager

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Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager

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Helping students and educators achieve their full potential

Students and educators must have the right tools at their fingertips. The Cypress Fairbanks user base is highly diverse: students across every academic discipline, plus teachers and personnel in food services, transportation, and security. This requires supporting a huge variety of software, confirming that updates and security patches are applied on time, and monitoring software licences to ensure compliance. The relatively small central IT team manages approximately 70,000 desktop and laptop computers, and maintains more than 700 different software packages for students and administrative staff.

Benefits to Cypress Fairbanks

Reliable patch management and remote control

With more than 700 software packages, Cypress Fairbanks can push out software, updates, and patches to computers from a central point.

720 Hours Saved every Quarter

Historically, IT would have to visit all 54 elementary schools to instal new testing software each year. Now the team runs an update job automatically overnight and at week’s end.

Accelerated, simplified Windows 10 migration

Cypress Fairbanks employed the Ivanti imaging process to migrate all student laptops to Windows 10. IT finished early.

Ability to monitor migration progress

During the rollout to Windows 10, the IT team used Ivanti Xtraction to display rolling statistics on a 70-inch monitor in its operations room.

Reinvesting in its whole approach to endpoint management

The time Cypress Fairbanks is saving with Ivanti solutions is time it can reinvest in improving students’ future prospects. No longer occupied with repetitive, low-value tasks, IT can focus on setting up the solution for seamless self-service, which will deliver greater value to the district. Most importantly, the solutions keeps the district’s end users happy, productive, and equipped with secure, reliable, fully licenced software.