Avoiding $1 million in licence-fee costs in just three months

Sealed Air Corporation is a packaging company that serves a range of end markets, including food and beverage processing; food service; retail; health care; and industrial, commercial, and consumer applications. Sealed Air’s brands include Cryovac® brand food packaging solutions, Bubble Wrap® brand cushioning, and Diversey™ cleaning and hygiene solutions. The company’s 25,000 employees serve customers in 62 countries.

Industry: Packaging

Employees: 25000

Website: https://www.sealedair.com/


Endpoint Manager

Ivanti Endpoint Manager is a proven client management solution that helps IT do more than keep the business up and running. It is core to: 1) discovering everything that touches the network; 2) automating software delivery; 3) managing all the devices users access; and 4) integrating actions with multiple IT solutions—all from a single, unified management suite.

Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager

This solution brings together best-practices protection, controlled from one console, to prevent, detect, and remediate. Organisations gain media protection, remote endpoint control, security diagnostics, flexible dashboards and reporting, and more—with app control and automated patch management. Detect and prevent threats, respond swiftly to infections, and provide employees the tools they need to be effective.

Eliminating manual processes and responding more quickly to issues

With employees spread around the globe, one of Sealed Air’s greatest challenges is responding to employees’ IT needs. Keeping users up and running is key to maintaining and improving their rate of productivity. But with 175 locations in 62 different countries, meeting those needs promptly can be problematic. The company’s IT department has a strong, user-centric attitude and continually looks for ways to respond more quickly and efficiently when issues arise.

Benefits to Sealed Air

Network administration from one location

The ability to support 10,000 PCs with a single SQL server and Ivanti Core server, saves Sealed Air money.

Save $1,000,000

Within the first three months, Sealed Air realised a cost-avoidance savings of $958,000 in licencing fees.

Serving end users in many ways

The old process left the user without a computer for a day or two. Now Sealed Air can image PCs in minutes.

Dramatic improvements in response times

Things that used to take days, now take minutes. And technicians are saving thousands of hours each year.

The solution has paid for itself

“We take great pride in our user-centric attitude and Ivanti has improved that, too,” said George Leonard, IT Asset Manager at Sealed Air. “In addition, the solution has more than paid for itself. It’s now a mission-critical part of our company, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an automated management system.”