Savouring cloud-based service management

Based in Potomac, Maryland, Total Wine & More is the largest independent retailer of fine wines in the U.S. and operates 100 stores in 15 states. Shoppers can select from more than 8,000 fine wines, 2,500 popular and craft beers, and 3,000 different spirits from around the world. 

Industry: Retail

Employees: 2000



Ivanti Neurons for ITSM
This solution, deployed in the cloud or on-premise, helps IT departments modernise the service desk and deliver more value to the business. Organisations can: 1) reduce service desk call volume by up to 80%, maximising operational efficiencies; 2) reduce downtime due to unplanned or unapproved changes by up to 75%, cutting IT costs; and 3) reduce the number of status calls received by up to 80%, improving service quality and compliance.
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Revitalising the helpdesk with ITIL processes

The fast-growing wine superstore was relying on a cumbersome helpdesk solution that had gone flat. The top priority was to improve the service desk platform that supported IT, accounting, and human resource processes. Total Wine set its sights on an ITSM solution that would improve support effectiveness and provide useful metrics. Self-service functionality was also a requirement, so stores could be notified immediately of any IT outages, including the business-critical point-of-sale system.

Benefits to Total Wine & More

Service management hosted in the cloud

Total Wine chose to implement Ivanti Service Manager in the cloud for the easy deployment and hassle-free maintenance. Says Candice Jackson, IT Service Desk Manager, “Based on our experience with upgrading our previous helpdesk solution, our IT team chose a hosted solution. We can depend on Ivanti to upgrade the system. We don’t need to buy another server or maintain the software.”

Implemented out of the box

Jackson continues, “We really liked that we could use Ivanti Service Manager out of the box. We are implementing ITIL processes, and Ivanti provided a good framework to start, and we didn’t need to tweak the workflow if we didn’t want to. The incident and service request templates were ready to use immediately.”

Three hundred fewer phone calls in first quarter

Total Wine’s retail, IT, and accounting teams use Ivanti Service Manager daily, and user reaction has been universally positive. With the solution’s self-service portal, employees can easily submit new requests, report incidents, and track the progress of their tickets. In the first quarter of using the portal, the service desk staff fielded 300 fewer calls.

Removing the inefficiencies in ticket creation

Creating tickets with the previous helpdesk product was time-consuming and error-prone, resulting in a backlog of 500 open tickets. Ivanti Service Manager has eliminated that inefficiency.

Drag-and-drop workflow designer

Service Manager’s drag-and-drop workflow designer simplifies creating and modifying service workflows. Under the old system, all accounting tickets had to be routed and handled the same way, resulting in service delays. “We worked with the accounting department to create templates that would be routed to three different groups,” says Candice Jackson. With the Ivanti templates, IT reduced mis-assigned tickets by 90 percent.

Faster new-hire onboarding

Automating workflows with Ivanti Service Manager makes it easier to set up new employees, which is essential for a fast-growing retail business. In the past, managers used a paper form to request a laptop or desktop for a new hire, but the form didn’t ask whether
the employee needed two monitors. “The manager would inevitably call to tell us that the new hire didn’t get what they needed,” says Jackson. “With Service Manager, all of the questions for a new hire are part of the template.”

A solution that gets better with age

Jackson concludes, “Our users love the new Ivanti system. Managers love having the information they need in easy-to-use dashboards and reports. Our retail employees can easily see if there’s an outage with a key system, such as point-of-sale, and what they should use as a workaround.” Morale on the service desk has improved, too. Service desk staff members are now viewed not only as experts in resolving IT issues, but also as experts in the technology needs of the business.