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Read how others improved the customer service experience.

Improve Service Delivery

Learn 5 ways to modernise your IT service operation.

Customer Success

Learn how SCL Health improved their fitness for service delivery.

Help other business teams

Automated service delivery for non-IT departments

A modern service delivery experience doesn’t have to be limited to IT. All business departments need to become more efficient and proactive by transforming manual process currently driven by ad hoc emails, dated spreadsheets or paper documents.

Do other departments come to you to learn how you’ve improved your service delivery? Your IT teams can help by leveraging Ivanti Service Manager to automate and streamline repetitive tasks, while improving user satisfaction with more self-service opportunities through multiple channels.

Fast, effective service delivery beyond IT

Your IT department is well positioned to automate the services and offerings of other departments. Partner with them to leverage your ITSM tools and practises to develop and deliver new innovative services. See how Ivanti can help you improve service delivery beyond IT.

Human Resources

Automate on- & off-boarding, updates, payroll requests & administration, benefit inquires and more.


Streamline requests for moves, repairs work orders, maintenance and general building management.

Customer Service

Use a full suite of voice-enabled capabilities to improve customer interactions and engagements.

Other Departments

Help other teams design and automate their end-to-end processes to better connect with their users.

Modern Service Delivery for Everyone

See how Ivanti’s solutions can help you improve the service delivery experience and quality across all business units, while providing a foundation for ongoing innovation.