Ivanti Neurons for Zero Trust Access

Zero Trust Access for the Everywhere Workplace

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Zero Trust initiatives can be painstakingly long. If you want to accelerate that journey and try a different approach, let’s discuss whether our free 30-day guided evaluation will work for your organisation.

Secure Access Anywhere

Drive consistent security policies across users, devices, and application access to ensure network micro-segmentation is in place to respond to bad actors.

Accelerate Business Agility

Securely spin up and down new cloud resources with continuously verified conditional access. Manage access with a single client across application access and VPN.

Zero Trust – At Your Speed

Working towards Zero Trust Access with location independent perimeters requires a flexible approach. Eliminate network architecture overhauls while securing users, devices, and applications from wherever you are.

Why Ivanti for Zero Trust Access?

Ivanti Neurons for Zero Trust Access uses the web to create a secure connection from the device to an application, eliminating bandwidth and data charges through gateways while constantly verifying the user, their device, and applications based on granular constraints.

Single Client

A Single client for managing access solutions. Most vendors have separate clients for VPN, software gateways and access.


Uses the web to create a secure connection from the device to an application eliminating bandwidth and data charges through gateways.

Granular Safety

Constantly verify user, device, and application based on granular constraints.

Easy Implementation

Easier to implement granular access and conditional access policies.


Doesn’t require equipment rip and replaces SaaS delivery and named user.

Data protection

The Control plane never interacts with customer data eliminating data protection risk.


No charge for additional gateways or data traffic.

Neurons For Zero Trust Access Demos

Learn to easily set up and run nZTA

Zero Trust Access Use Cases

Granular Policy Enforcement
Granular Policy Enforcement
  • Increase security for remote users
  • Reduce privileged access to apps, environments, and data
  • Gain insight into visibility and analytics and user behaviour
  • Continual verification and enforcement of apps, users, and devices
  • Granular policies help enforce HR access policies around movers, joiners, and leavers
Increase Business Agility
Increase Business Agility
  • Increase business agility by making IT delivery secure and fast
  • Reduce cost per user, and cost per service while improving productivity
  • Reduce bandwidth costs and capacity constraints
Mergers and Acquisitions
Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Add user access to multiple apps, or data centres decoupling business integration from data centre consolidation
  • Applying access to environments outside is hard to do in the traditional data centre model