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No matter the industry or business, chances are you have a lot of hardware and software to keep watch over. From desktops to laptops, printers to smartphones - your users need these devices and the software they run in order to do their job effectively. At the same time, it's your job to keep these assets working at their optimal performance, all while trying to reduce costs. You need a solution that will make your assets work harder for you.

You can't manage what you don't know about

An alarming number of organisations admit they have no clue as to exactly what hardware and software assets exist in their environment. Sound familiar? Leave no doubt and ensure your assets are being utilised to their fullest with Ivanti.

Automated Workflows
Automate processes to ensure new-hires have their IT needs met on their first day and keep ex-employees from leaving with assets, licenses, and other company property.
Minimise Downtime
Time is money. Eliminate prolonged downtime due to hardware failure through timely maintenance and replacement processes.
License Optimisation
With insight into your software usage, you can quickly identify and reclaim underutilised licenses and those that may not be in use at all.
Automatic Discovery
Automatically discover hardware and software assets - both managed and unmanaged - that are connected to your network.

Knowledge is power

Our solutions will deliver knowledge on the existing assets already within your network, as well as on new purchases. Now that's power... pure, unadulterated, raw, adrenaline-inducing power.

Ivanti products help you discover the assets critical to your operation, give insight to make informed decisions, and help you get the most from your IT investments.

Asset Manager
Making your assets work though their entire life
Asset Intelligence
Visibility for better decisions
IT Asset Management Suite
Total hardware and software optimisation

Optimise your hardware and software investments

Computers and equipment aren't cheap. Software licenses can cost even more. You deserve the right tools to make it all perform at the highest possible level.

Hardware Optimisation

Get detailed information about your hardware status throughout its lifecycle including information like refresh schedules, maintenance, and hardware requirements for software. 

Software Reclamation

Reclaim unused licenses for reallocation or renegotiation with your software vendors. Target or avoid specific users or user groups for minimal disruption. 

Unified View

Whether managing software, hardware, server, client, virtual, or physical or cloud assets - the Asset Management Suite affords you a single, complete view of your IT asset management position.

Software Optimisation

View real-time software usage information with Workspaces to optimise licenses. Drill deeper for specifics about device names, when the software was last used, how many times it was launched, and duration of use.