Arm Yourself with Analytics - 7 October 2015

Technology trends such as consumerization of IT, BYOD, virtual applications and desktops, mobility, external service providers, cloud, and SaaS present new challenges for IT operations management. These trends, referred to collectively as Hybrid IT, is forcing IT organizations to be responsible for service delivery and quality without necessarily having control or visibility into the services or back-end infrastructure. This lack of visibility, from the network and server perspective, is driving the need to understand IT service delivery and quality from the end-user perspective. LANDESK, in conjunction with Nexthink, enables IT organizations to better understand and manage IT service delivery, quality, and security through continuous real-time end-user analytics and actionable reporting.

Watch Nexthink's CMO Poul Nielsen to learn how Nexthink translates end-user data into meaningful real-time analytics and intelligence that can transform the way you approach end-user management and security with LANDESK.

Poul Nielsen | CMO | Nexthink